2013 BMW 535i GT 3.0L L6 Presa d'Aria Fredda

Prese aria fredda per 2013 BMW 535i GT 3.0L L6
  • Progettato per procurare aria più fredda in entrata, con una minore restrizione per una potenza massima
  • Potenza guadagnata garantita
  • Protezione ottimale del motore
  • Installazione semplice
  • Filtro dell’aria riutilizzabile oversize ad alto flusso
  • Garanzia 1,6 Milione di Chilometri
  • Prodotti per Massima Potenza dal 1969
Garantiti per aumentare la potenza dei cavalli e l'accelerazione, le prese d'aria fredda K&N 2013BMW535i GT offrono grandi guadagni di prestazioni e proteggono il motore BMW535i GT dai contaminanti dannosi.

Il vostro 2013 BMW 535i GT merita la migliore presa d'aria fredda disponibile!

2013 BMW 535i GT 3.0L L6 Iniezione di Carburante - All Models
The product was as advertised. I was looking for additional hp without a major modification to my BMW. I noticed the first time I drove the car after the install a feeling of quicker response to the throttle. The install was quite easy and took no time at all. I would modify the instructions that were given. I built the air filter and housing together on the workbench first (much easier) then connected the assy. to the air intake with the clamp (keeping it loose) then fit it to the existing BMW housing with the five supplied screws then tightened the hose clamp. My biggest concern is the sealing method to the inside of the hood insulation (see picture called dirt inside of hood). It appears that road dirt is coming from around the seal and blowing into the engine compartment. Also the connection that the air filter clamps to has an air gap around the box housing (not a tight seal) see picture called light gap. I had a flashlight backlighting it. Question, can I cover the top of the open box to keep a better seal or does that defeat the purpose of the cold air flow system.
, Louisville, United States
Sistemi di Aerazione Prestazionali
K&N 63-1132
  • Tubo in polietilene ad alta densità
63-1132 2013 BMW 535i GT 3.0L L6 Iniezione di CarburanteSistemi di Aerazione Prestazionali
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