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K&N Sistemi Di Aerazione Prestazionali
Alain Tavera, Noves, France
Grant Jones, Magalia, California
The K&N CM-8009 Performance Intake Kit is a worthwhile investment. It was easy to install on my Can-Am 800R Max XT and provided noticeable performance increase over the stock air filter. I would advise anyone considering this K&N kit to utilize its' many benefits over the stock air filter. I had noticed the stock filter passed some very fine dust into the intake throttle body. I cleaned this dust and installed the K&N filter and rode the Can-Am on an extended ride with some very dusty sections. I checked the filter and the throttle body after this ride and the K&N filter had stopped all dust from entering the throttle body. That alone is enough for my recommendation, yet I also gained torque and horsepower with the Kit. Sincerely, Grant A. Jones
CM-8009 K&N CM-8009 Sistemi di Aerazione Prestazionali
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