Parti Corrispondenti K&N Honda 17213GET000 filtro aria

La Honda 17213GET000 filtro aria ricerca a riferimenti incrociati con le filtro aria parti K&N di seguito. K&N offre filtro aria compatibili per molti Honda filtro aria dandoti delle alternative.
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K&N Filtro Aria Di Ricambio
  • Progettato per aumentare la potenza
  • Garanzia limitata K&N 1,6 Milione di Chilometri
Tyler, Hawaii
Good product. I bought this for a Honda Ruckus(2007). Is supposed to be a drop in and go filter, had to tweak jet in the carb to keep from running too lean. Not the filter's fault, but does require minor tuning.
Tim J. Wilcox, Angola, Indiana
These filters increased my power in every vehicle, scooter, and engine I have put them in. I firmly believe it is the best filter I have ever used. I just ordered air and cabin filters for my parents' Cadillac. For as much as I have spent you need to send me my hats and I will bring you even more business.
John Centanni, Fort Pierce, Florida
Great filter at a good price.
HA-0502 K&N HA-0502 Filtro aria di ricambio
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