Parti Corrispondenti K&N Nissan 16546EZ31A filtro aria

La Nissan 16546EZ31A filtro aria ricerca a riferimenti incrociati con le filtro aria parti K&N di seguito. K&N offre filtro aria compatibili per molti Nissan filtro aria dandoti delle alternative.
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K&N Filtro Aria Di Ricambio
  • Progettato per aumentare la potenza
  • Garanzia limitata K&N 1,6 Milione di Chilometri
Chris Dotts, Las Vegas, Nevada
This filter is great. I noticed a difference in sound and response right away. Very cool sound and performance.
Richard Cooper, Victoria, Texas
On my 3rd Filter. 1st was my ‘08 Nissan Frontier, 2nd was my ‘17 Indian Roadmaster, 3rd my ‘18 Nissan Titan. Mainly to help my vehicles breath better. And yes you do get better MPG. I check each time I fuel up and record it.
Bob McCracken, Largo, Florida
Too soon, only 3 tanks in, to know if I improved mileage at all, but I could tell imediately how much better the throttle response is. My wife even commented on the throatier sound when excellerating. I put this in my brand new 2017 Titan, and am ordering one for my wifes 2016 Rogue.
33-5062 K&N 33-5062 Filtro aria di ricambio
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