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La Suzuki 1378049070 filtro aria ricerca a riferimenti incrociati con le filtro aria parti K&N di seguito. K&N offre filtro aria compatibili per molti Suzuki filtro aria dandoti delle alternative.
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K&N Filtro Aria Di Ricambio
  • Progettato per aumentare la potenza
  • Garanzia limitata K&N 1,6 Milione di Chilometri
Henry McGrew, Tampa, Florida
I have installed your air intake and filters on several of my vehicles in the past. Unlike the first time buyer, I already know the vast improvement they provide in performance, so I was very pleased as I knew I would be with the air filter for my Suzuki 850. We ran all the numbers prior to rebuilding the carbs with the stock filter and then again after the carb work and installation of a new Vance & Hines tuned exhaust,it was the right combo for the desired result.<br /> R & D is the correct way to enhance most every thing in my mind. Keep up the good work.
Keith Cassavant, Portland, Maine
Perfect fit and really woke up my 82 Suzuki GS850L it never ran so smooth. THANKS
EARL, Colorado
I've used K&N filters on several motorcycles over 25 years, they allow the bikes to breath better than stock filters and seem to improve horsepower. They replace the stock filters with a perfect fit. The most recent order arrived 2 days before the specified date.
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