Parti Corrispondenti K&N Volvo 7G919600DC filtro aria

La Volvo 7G919600DC filtro aria ricerca a riferimenti incrociati con le filtro aria parti K&N di seguito. K&N offre filtro aria compatibili per molti Volvo filtro aria dandoti delle alternative.
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K&N Filtro Aria Di Ricambio
  • Progettato per aumentare la potenza
  • Garanzia limitata K&N 1,6 Milione di Chilometri
Grigore Tanasa, Rugby, United Kingdom
I am amazed by the performance of my car after changing the classic air filter with an K&N filter. My car is revived and now is like new. My congratulations for your work. The best product I ever used for my car.
Michal Sliz, Olsany (u Sumperka), Czech Republic
Yes I am very happy with new K&N air filter. I really recognized quite faster and dymanic feedback of engine to gas pedal. Engine goes quite faster to high revolutions. You can simply see, car can really breath.
Bérenger Thirion, Reims, France
Comme d'habitude ca change vraiment tout. Cela fait le 5eme que j'achète sur différentes autos et je suis toujours autant très satisfait. Les gains se ressente si vous modifier la structure d'admission sur des vehicules avec de grandes longueurs d'arrivée d'air, sinon pour les autres c'est un ressenti directe.
33-2393 K&N 33-2393 Filtro aria di ricambio
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