K&N Filtri Olio per Renault

Renault Filtri Olio

The French auto makers known as Renault are the third biggest automakers in the world. Founded in 1898 by Louis Renault and brothers, these cars were exclusive at first, until mass production brought their price point down. Renault cars all had their radiators in the back of the engine which was their trade mark until the 1930's when they moved them to the front of the car, like most modern cars today. While Renault got into making agricultural equipment and war machinery during the great wars, they are now primarily an automotive and commercial automotive company. K&N offers premium oil filters for the Renault line which feature high flow rates and great efficiency for engine protection. The Renault oil filters have a heavy duty construction so they are built to last.
K&N Renault Filtri dell'Olio

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