K&N Filtri Olio per Seat

Seat Filtri Olio

Seat stands for Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo or Spanish sport touring car which is exactly what it is. Although it is now owned by Volkswagen the cars are still produced and developed in Spain in fact they are the last car that is wholly produced in Spain and not out sourced elsewhere. Since their founding in 1950 they have grown substantially. K&N makes replacement cartridge oil filters for SEAT cars. Seat cars have a K&N performance oil filter that replace the stock filters with ease. The Seat Altea and Altea XL use K&N cartridge oil filter HP-7010. The Seat Leon, Toledo and Toledo iii use cartridge filter HP-7010 as well.
K&N Seat Filtri dell'Olio

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