K&N Filtri Olio per Subaru

Subaru Filtri Olio

Fuji Heavy industries from japan formally know for aerospace technology created the brand Subaru to enter into the automobile market. The Subaru logo is based on the Pleiades, a constellation of stars that holds cultural importance to the Japanese. Subaru is well known for its boxer engines and turbo charged production cars. While other car companies mimic Subaru's styles and designs they continue to stay onto of the market and dominate the niches they are involved in. K&N is known for offering premium oil filters for the Subaru line which feature high oil-flow rates and excellent filtration efficiency. The K&N Subaru oil filters use heavy duty construction and filtering material to construct a Subaru oil filter that will continue to perform as it is expected.
K&N Subaru Filtri dell'Olio

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