K&N Filtri Olio per Volkswagen

Volkswagen Filtri Olio

Volkswagen was originally founded in the 1930's by the state of Germany at that time and with the help of Ferdinand Porsche (the founder of Porsche) Volkswagen, VW for short stands for the people's car and was intended to be a car that everyone could afford. Their slogan is Das Auto (the car). Volkswagen has had obvious success and growth since its founding. These cars because of their lower price and dependability can be found all over the globe. These original cars were equipped with boxer style engines which are flat and have horizontally opposed pistons. Since then their engines have evolved and so have the ways to protect them. K&N has developed oil filter technology for Volkswagen cars. The K&N gold series and pro series performance oil filters are available for Volkswagens. The gold series have the famous 1 inch nut for easy removal during oil changes.
K&N Volkswagen Filtri dell'Olio

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