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Yugo Filtri Olio

Yugo cars were started by the Serbian corporation called Zastava. With the help of fiat in the 1970's Yugo cars were put into production. Based on an existing fiat model the Yugo's were made to be the next people's car. Yugos were intended to be affordable dependable and accessible. Starting at around 4,000 USD the Yugo was not very expensive. Although they ended production in 2008 there are still Yugos worldwide. Yugo models include the cabrio, GV,GVL, GVS and GVX. K&N offers premium oil filters for Yugo models which feature high oil flow rates and great efficiency for engine protection. K&N Yugo oil filters are built strong and some come with a 1" nut welded to the top for making removal simple.
K&N Yugo Filtri dell'Olio

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