Filtri d'aria K&N Serie E Informazioni per Numero di Parti

K&N E Series air filters are designed to increase horsepower and rate of acceleration. The E series air filters offer high air flow with exceptional filtration and last up to 50,000 miles before cleaning is required depending on driving conditions. All K&N air filters are washable and reusable. K&N E series air filters are easy to install and include the K&N Million-Mile Limited Warranty®.

Select a K&N air filter or filter wrap part number below for pictures, vehicle applications, and specifications.

E-0643 E-1180 E-1995 E-2601 E-2991 E-3225 E-3492 E-3735 E-3989 E-4974
E-0644 E-1200 E-1996 E-2605-1 E-2992 E-3226 E-3495 E-3737 E-3990 E-9000
E-0645 E-1210 E-1997 E-2606 E-2993 E-3227 E-3495PK E-3740 E-4110 E-9001
E-0646 E-1211 E-1998 E-2610 E-2994 E-3228 E-3496 E-3740PK E-4142 E-9002
E-0647 E-1220 E-1999 E-2615 E-2995 E-3230 E-3500 E-3740PL E-4142DK E-9011
E-0648 E-1230 E-2011 E-2620 E-2996 E-3237 E-3504 E-3740PR E-4188 E-9017
E-0649 E-1240 E-2014 E-2630 E-2997 E-3240 E-3505 E-3740PY E-4189 E-9025
E-0650 E-1250 E-2015 E-2640 E-2998 E-3243 E-3506 E-3742 E-4210 E-9029
E-0651 E-1250PK E-2017 E-2650 E-2999 E-3250 E-3510 E-3743 E-4250 E-9030
E-0653 E-1250PL E-2018 E-2653 E-3001 E-3260 E-3514 E-3745 E-4270 E-9031
E-0654 E-1250PR E-2019 E-2657 E-3002 E-3270 E-3515 E-3750 E-4284 E-9032
E-0655 E-1250PY E-2020 E-2658 E-3003 E-3280 E-3520 E-3750PK E-4310 E-9033
E-0656 E-1280 E-2021 E-2660 E-3007 E-3282 E-3521 E-3750PL E-4370 E-9050
E-0658 E-1290 E-2022 E-2670 E-3008 E-3284 E-3527 E-3750PR E-4400 E-9052
E-0659 E-1300 E-2023 E-2680 E-3009 E-3290 E-3527PK E-3750PY E-4420 E-9053
E-0660 E-1325 E-2040 E-2690 E-3010 E-3300 E-3527PL E-3760 E-4425 E-9054
E-0661 E-1350 E-2210 E-2700 E-3011 E-3310 E-3527PR E-3760PK E-4430 E-9060
E-0662 E-1360 E-2220 E-2710 E-3012 E-3317 E-3530 E-3760PL E-4450 E-9071
E-0663 E-1410 E-2230 E-2720 E-3014 E-3320 E-3530PK E-3760PR E-4490 E-9079
E-0664 E-1420 E-2231 E-2723 E-3016 E-3321 E-3530PL E-3760PY E-4495 E-9080
E-0665 E-1430 E-2231B E-2725 E-3016DK E-3321PK E-3530PR E-3770 E-4505 E-9082
E-0666 E-1440 E-2232 E-2730 E-3017 E-3321PL E-3530PY E-3770PK E-4510 E-9083
E-0667 E-1447 E-2233 E-2734 E-3018 E-3321PR E-3532 E-3770PL E-4510DK E-9090
E-0668 E-1450 E-2240 E-2740 E-3019 E-3322 E-3534 E-3770PR E-4511 E-9092
E-0669 E-1460 E-2244 E-2755 E-3020 E-3323 E-3550 E-3770PY E-4513 E-9099
E-0771 E-1461 E-2295 E-2760 E-3021 E-3324 E-3551 E-3780 E-4515 E-9102
E-0773 E-1500 E-2296 E-2764 E-3022R E-3325 E-3600 E-3786 E-4515DK E-9104
E-0774 E-1510 E-2300 E-2770 E-3023R E-3330 E-3612 E-3800 E-4516 E-9108
E-0775 E-1515 E-2310 E-2780 E-3024R E-3333 E-3614 E-3802R E-4516DK E-9122
E-0776 E-1520 E-2320 E-2790 E-3025R E-3336 E-3620 E-3804 E-4517 E-9123
E-0777 E-1530 E-2330 E-2800 E-3026R E-3340 E-3630 E-3804NO E-4518 E-9130
E-0780 E-1535 E-2340 E-2810 E-3027R E-3341 E-3640 E-3804R E-4518DK E-9131
E-0781 E-1540 E-2345 E-2813 E-3028R E-3341PK E-3650 E-3806 E-4521 E-9132
E-0782 E-1550 E-2350 E-2820 E-3029R E-3341PL E-3650PK E-3806NO E-4521DK E-9136
E-0784 E-1560 E-2360 E-2830 E-3030R E-3341PR E-3650PL E-3806R E-4522 E-9138
E-0785 E-1570 E-2380 E-2840 E-3031R E-3341PY E-3650PR E-3808 E-4527 E-9139
E-0786 E-1577 E-2400 E-2850 E-3032R E-3344 E-3650PY E-3810DK E-4530 E-9143
E-0787 E-1580 E-2401 E-2855 E-3033 E-3346 E-3657 E-3813 E-4550 E-9144
E-0850 E-1590 E-2402 E-2859 E-3034 E-3350 E-3659 E-3814 E-4551 E-9145
E-0870 E-1650 E-2410 E-2860 E-3035 E-3360 E-3660 E-3815 E-4552 E-9156
E-0890 E-1650PK E-2415 E-2861 E-3036 E-3360PK E-3670 E-3816 E-4583 E-9165
E-0900 E-1650PL E-2416 E-2862 E-3037 E-3360PR E-3671 E-3820 E-4595 E-9166
E-0940 E-1650PR E-2417 E-2863 E-3038 E-3380 E-3671PK E-3825 E-4600 E-9172
E-0945 E-1650PY E-2425 E-2864 E-3040 E-3380PK E-3672 E-3840 E-4610 E-9178
E-0995 E-1690 E-2427 E-2865 E-3042 E-3380PL E-3674 E-3900 E-4640 E-9183
E-0996 E-1695 E-2429 E-2866 E-3043 E-3380PR E-3675 E-3910 E-4650 E-9184
E-0998 E-1700 E-2435 E-2867 E-3043DK E-3390 E-3676 E-3920 E-4655 E-9187
E-0999 E-1796 E-2435DK E-2868 E-3050 E-3400 E-3678 E-3930 E-4660 E-9201
E-1000 E-1910 E-2440 E-2870 E-3051 E-3402 E-3679 E-3951 E-4665 E-9228
E-1006 E-1920 E-2443 E-2871 E-3120 E-3403 E-3680 E-3952 E-4665DK E-9231-1
E-1007 E-1923 E-2444 E-2872 E-3120DK E-3410 E-3680PK E-3953 E-4680 E-9233
E-1008 E-1931 E-2447 E-2873 E-3122 E-3440 E-3680PL E-3954 E-4690 E-9234
E-1009 E-1935 E-2450 E-2874 E-3130 E-3441 E-3680PR E-3955 E-4710 E-9235
E-1010 E-1946 E-2455 E-2875 E-3140 E-3441PK E-3681 E-3956 E-4710DK E-9238
E-1015 E-1950 E-2457 E-2876 E-3180 E-3441PL E-3690 E-3960 E-4720 E-9240
E-1023 E-1957 E-2470 E-2877 E-3190 E-3442 E-3690PK E-3960PK E-4730 E-9241
E-1025 E-1958 E-2473 E-2880 E-3190PK E-3445 E-3690PL E-3960PR E-4780 E-9242
E-1030 E-1959 E-2475 E-2890 E-3190PL E-3446 E-3690PR E-3971 E-4790 E-9244
E-1035 E-1960 E-2485 E-2900 E-3190PR E-3450 E-3690PY E-3972 E-4800 E-9245
E-1040 E-1963 E-2487 E-2910 E-3190PY E-3460 E-3691 E-3973 E-4810 E-9251
E-1050 E-1966 E-2488 E-2920 E-3200 E-3461 E-3692 E-3975 E-4820 E-9256
E-1065 E-1970 E-2500 E-2925 E-3205 E-3461PK E-3693 E-3976XD E-4830 E-9257
E-1068 E-1980 E-2510 E-2930 E-3210 E-3461PR E-3695 E-3977XD E-4900 E-9260
E-1070 E-1983 E-2510PK E-2940 E-3211 E-3461PY E-3698 E-3978XD E-4910 E-9266
E-1080 E-1984 E-2510PL E-2950 E-3211PK E-3470 E-3699 E-3979XD E-4961 E-9267
E-1088 E-1986 E-2510PR E-2960 E-3211PL E-3471 E-3700 E-3980 E-4962 E-9268
E-1090 E-1987 E-2510PY E-2970 E-3212 E-3480 E-3705 E-3981 E-4963 E-9269
E-1095 E-1988 E-2530 E-2980 E-3213 E-3481 E-3710 E-3982 E-4964 E-9270
E-1100 E-1989 E-2540 E-2983 E-3214 E-3490 E-3717 E-3983 E-4965 E-9280
E-1110 E-1990 E-2550 E-2985 E-3218 E-3491 E-3720 E-3984 E-4967 E-9281
E-1117 E-1991 E-2553 E-2986 E-3220 E-3491PK E-3723 E-3985 E-4967DK E-9282
E-1120 E-1992 E-2570 E-2987 E-3221 E-3491PL E-3728R E-3986 E-4968 E-9283
E-1150 E-1993 E-2585 E-2988 E-3223 E-3491PR E-3730 E-3987 E-4969 E-9289
E-1170 E-1994 E-2600 E-2990 E-3224 E-3491PY E-3732 E-3988