K&N Filtri d'Aria di Ricambio per Moto Yamaha e ATV

K&N YA series air filters are designed to provide an increase in horsepower and torque for the Yamaha motorcycle. A K&N air filter is washable, reusable and made in the USA. The YA series air filter is constructed using a pleated filter media that provides a large filtration area offering long service intervals.

Select a K&N air filter part number below for pictures, specifications and Yamaha applications:

YA-0075 YA-1078 YA-1215 YA-1600 YA-2088 YA-3502-TDK YA-4503 YA-6004 YA-6598 YA-7080
YA-0102 YA-1089 YA-1283 YA-1602 YA-2088PK YA-3502DK YA-4503DK YA-6006 YA-6601 YA-7086
YA-0116 YA-1098 YA-1285 YA-1602-U YA-2292 YA-3504 YA-4504 YA-6008 YA-6601-T YA-7585
YA-0587 YA-1100 YA-1295 YA-1605 YA-2305 YA-3504PK YA-4504-T YA-6008R YA-6601-TDK YA-7593
YA-0700 YA-1113 YA-1300 YA-1611 YA-2406 YA-3586 YA-4504-TDK YA-6009 YA-6601DK YA-8002
YA-1001 YA-1152 YA-1301 YA-1650 YA-2506XD YA-4000 YA-4504PK YA-6050 YA-6602 YA-8083
YA-1002 YA-1184 YA-1306 YA-1684 YA-2509 YA-4001 YA-4510 YA-6084 YA-6604 YA-8096
YA-1004 YA-1186 YA-1307 YA-1686 YA-2588 YA-4001PK YA-4510DK YA-6089 YA-6608 YA-8502
YA-1006 YA-1199 YA-1308 YA-1699 YA-2597 YA-4003 YA-4514DK YA-6090 YA-6814 YA-8514
YA-1007 YA-1201 YA-1399 YA-1704 YA-2597PK YA-4074 YA-4514XD YA-6092 YA-6914 YA-8596
YA-1009 YA-1202 YA-1400 YA-1709 YA-2598 YA-4085 YA-5001 YA-6094 YA-7006 YA-9001
YA-1009R YA-1208 YA-1414 YA-1874 YA-3215 YA-4092 YA-5008 YA-6096 YA-7007 YA-9002
YA-1015 YA-1209 YA-1515 YA-1892 YA-3250 YA-4098-1DK YA-5317 YA-6098 YA-7008 YA-9083
YA-1015R YA-1210 YA-1550 YA-1906 YA-3502 YA-4350 YA-6001 YA-6504 YA-7008DK YA-9514
YA-1050 YA-1213 YA-1595 YA-2002 YA-3502-T YA-4350PK YA-6003 YA-6504PK YA-7016