Oil Filter; Spin-On

9,99 USD
K&N Select Oil Filters have been specially designed for professional installers and service providers. Their high flow design can help to improve engine performance by reducing oil filter restriction. Our Select Oil Filters have a fluted canister shape so they can be removed with a traditional oil filter wrench commonly available to commercial installers. These Select Oil Filters provide outstanding filtration and engine protection throughout their service life. They are engineered to handle all grades of synthetic, conventional and blended motor oils. The pleated media provides high capacity making them suitable for extended oil change intervals when used in accordance with the vehicle and motor oil manufacturers recommendation. K&N Select Oil Filters are available for canister and cartridge type oil filter applications.
  • High flow filter designed to improve performance
  • Designed for synthetic and conventional oils
  • Premium filtration media for increased capacity
  • Provides outstanding filtration
Anti Drain Back ValveYes
Bypass ValveYes
Filter MaterialHigh Flow Premium Media
Gasket MaterialNitrile Rubber
Height4.219 in (107 mm)
Outside Diameter3.766 in (96 mm)
PSI Relief Valve11-17
Removal NutNo
Thread Specification3/4 In. - 16 UNS
Product StyleOil Filters
Weight0.8 lb (0.3 kg)
Product Box Height3.31 in (84 mm)
Product Box Length3.81 in (97 mm)
Product Box Width3.81 in (97 mm)
Warranty1 Year Limited
Cross References
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Bepco 974
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Bosch 72198WS
Bosch 72253WS
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Bravo B18
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Casite CF196
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Castrol CM43
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Caterpillar 3I1605
Caterpillar 3I1627
Caterpillar 971289
Caterpillar 972597
Caterpillar 9Y4487
Caterpillar 9Y4506
Champ LS119
Champ LS127
Champ LS147
Champ LS181
Champ LS49
Champ LS50
Champ PH253
Champ PH2835XL
Champion C166
Champion C204
Champion C209
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Clark Equipment 1800977
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Clark Equipment 6675517
Clark Equipment 6678233
Clark Equipment 910207
Cancella DO227
Cancella DO847
CO-OP P411
Continental Engines R688L00300
Continental Engines TM27L03100
Continental Engines TM27L3100
Coopers AZL047
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Crosland 2035
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Crosland 529
Crosland 5291
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Crosland 661
Crosland 9362
Crosland F155
Cross 148459
Cummins 111836
Cummins 162097
Cushman 116274
Cushman 780878941
Cyclone PM5
Cyclone PM7
Dai-ichi PC206
Dai-ichi PC206L
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Daihatsu 1560087320000
Daihatsu 1560787307
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Defense DL16
Defense DL43
Deutz 1411151110
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Deutz 3357461
Donaldson LFP552518
Donaldson P168110
Donaldson P168129
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Donaldson P550961
Donaldson P550963
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Donaldson P552518
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Econo Lube L10018
Econo Lube L14670
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Europarts 9022312702
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Fiaam FT4986
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Fiat 446272
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Fiat 74221405
Fiat 7773854
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Filt FF387EC
Filt FF450
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Filtron OP5265
Filtron OP533
Filtron OP561
Filtron OP562
Filtron OP567
Filtron OP5671
Filtron OP628
Filtron OP658
Firestone TF4670
Fispa FOE014
Fispa FOR285
Fispa LI3550
Fleetguard AF25067
Fleetguard LF16215
Fleetguard LF3309
Fleetguard LF3311
Fleetguard LF3330
Fleetguard LF3341
Fleetguard LF3400
Fleetguard LF3435
Fleetguard LF3501
Fleetguard LF3503
Fleetguard LF3604
Fleetguard LF3795
Fleetguard LF4015
Fleetguard LF4016
Fleetguard LF689
Fleetrite HFR86096
Fleetrite LFR83309
Fleetrite LFR83311
Fleetrite LFR83330
Fleetrite LFR83501
Fleetrite LFR8689
Fleetrite LFR8764
Fleetrite LFR8784
Fluitek H300325M11
Fluitek H310425M11
Fluitek H350425M11
Fluitek H370420M11
Fluitek H370425M11
Ford 11425472
Ford 11525802
Ford 436936
Ford 542957
Ford 74HM6714CA
Ford 938M6714A1A
Ford A700X6714EA
Ford A710X6714DA
Ford A720X6714MA
Ford A740X6714FA
Ford C6JZ6714A
Ford C6JZ6714B
Ford CCOZ6714AG
Ford D1RY6731A
Ford D4ZZ6731B
Ford D5ZZ6731A
Ford D8PJ6714AA
Ford DIRY6731A
Ford E3ZE6714CA
Ford E43E6714A4A
Ford E4NN6714AA
Ford E7NN6714DA
Ford E8NN6714AA
Ford E8NN6714CA
Ford E9NN6714AA
Ford F5RZ6731A
Ford F5RZ6731B
Ford Finiscode 1555451
Ford Finiscode 3963906
Ford Finiscode 5003559
Fram DG16
Fram DG43
Fram FE16
Fram FF16
Fram FP16
Fram FPS16
Fram HM16
Fram HM43
Fram LO202K
Fram PH10968
Fram PH16
Fram PH43
Fram TG16
Fram XG16
Fram XG43
G-77 H4670
Gehl 121965
Gehl 195569
GK Industries OF14670
GK Industries OF2003
GK Industries OF2015
GKN 15011803
GKN 15011804
Goldoni 06340398
Gonher GP22
Gonher GP2844
Gonher GP3651
Gonher GP3651A
Gonher GP81
Gonher GP9
Gonher SP3963
Goodyear L2844
Goodyear L43
Goodyear L4670
Goodyear L7
Gradall 01250323
Gravely 039306
Gravely 12722PI
Gravely 12722PL
Gray Marine G80008
Grease Monkey GM10017
Grease Monkey GM10018
Grease Monkey GM14670
Grease Monkey GM20081
Greyfriars 901S
Greyfriars 971S
Greyfriars 978S
Group 7 V2167
Group 7 V4670
Group 7 V81
Gud Z215
Gud Z22
Gud Z27
Gud Z358
Gud Z80
Gud Z97
Haiye H07705
Haiye HO7404
Haiye HO7460
Haiye HO7821
Haiye HP7692
Hastings LF107
Hastings LF142
Hastings LF196
Hastings LF362
Hastings LF379
Hastings LF423
Hastings LF520
Hastings LF710
Hastings LF713
Havoline T35
Havoline TFC504
Hayden 1001
Hayden 1002
Hayden 1012TF
Hengst H10W
Hengst H10W01
Hengst H10W05
Hengst H10W15
Hengst H24W04
Henley E405001
Hesston 7724008
Hesston PM04136017
Hitachi 76591527
Howard Price 6033
Hydra-Mac 6200466
Hyster 180283
Hyster 2021461
Hyster 3000058
Hyster 3000066
Hyster 3051794
Hyundai XJBR00921
IAPCO A0220004
IAPCO A0220009
IAPCO A0249002
IAPCO A0250003
Ingersoll Rand 10349827
Ingersoll Rand 54477104
Interceptor Marine 418432
International Harvester 1336188C1
International Harvester 1665311C1
International Harvester 3136458R1
International Harvester 395789R1
International Harvester 395789R2
Isuzu 132011
Isuzu 13240080
Isuzu 8941697780
Isuzu 8941697781
Isuzu 8941697782
Isuzu H132011
Isuzu X13201001
J.C. Bamford 32910700
J.C. Bamford 32910700A
Jacobsen 130555
Jacobsen 4113986
Jacobsen 555773
Japan Parts JFO103
Japan Parts JFO112
Jiffy Lube HL16
Jiffy Lube HL43
Jiffy Lube HL7226
John Deere AM31205
John Deere AM35176
John Deere AM37025
John Deere AM38441
John Deere MG508129
John Deere TY22047
John Deere TY22047E
John Deere TY9427
Kalmar 4966684
Kendall K20
Kendall K21
Kendall K30
Kendall K5
Knecht AW139
Knecht AW18
Knecht AW18C10
Knecht AW39
Knecht AW39C10
Knecht AW45
Knecht AW46
Knecht AW67
Knecht EH258
Knecht FO354
Knecht FO355
Knecht FO3551
Knecht FO35514
Knecht FO373
Knecht FO3736
Knecht FO385
Knecht OC123
Knecht OC140
Knecht OC141
Knecht OC18
Knecht OC23
Knecht OC236
Knecht OC261
Knecht OC28
Knecht OC36
Knecht OC57
Knecht OC58
Knecht OC713
Komatsu 37Z020F301
Komatsu TJ1560196001
Komatsu Z14020F301
Komatsu Z1415208W1103
Kralinator L16
Kralinator L236
Kralinator L24S
Kralinator L292
Kubota 1552132430
Kubota 1583132430
Kubota 1641432430
Kubota 1641432431
Kubota 1732132431
Kubota 190001206
Kubota 1C01032430
Kubota 1C02032430
Kubota 7000014644
Kubota 7000014692
Kubota 7000032001
Kubota 7000032091
Kubota 7000074035
Kubota HH15132430
Kubota HH16432430
Kubota HH1C032430
Lancer Boss 7052417
Lancer Boss 7052420
Land Rover ERR3340
Lautrette ELH4032
Lautrette ELH4070
Lautrette ELH4072
Lautrette ELH4092
Lautrette ELH4093
Lautrette ELH4121
Lautrette ELH4123
Lautrette ELH4135
Lautrette ELH4244
Lautrette ELH4280
Lautrette ELH4304
Lautrette ELHA4032
Lautrette ELHA4070
Lautrette ELHA4072
Lazorlite DT151
Lazorlite L111198
Lazorlite L111236
Lederer LER17
Lederer LER18
Lederer LER81
Lesco 050487
Leyland 01288891A
Leyland 12H3274
Leyland GFE114
Leyland GFE121
Linde 5003560
Link-Belt 1726450
Lister 32821600
LPM 13505084
LPM 13505190
Luber-Finer PH253
Lucas F436
Lucas F5534
Lucas F55341
Lucas F6466
Lucas F652
Lucas F6577
Lucas F658
Mack 6432PER17
Magneti Marelli 2AML00090A
Mahle AW139
Mahle AW18
Mahle AW18C10
Mahle AW39
Mahle AW39C10
Mahle AW45
Mahle AW46
Mahle AW67
Mahle EH258
Mahle FO354
Mahle FO355
Mahle FO3551
Mahle FO35514
Mahle FO373
Mahle FO3736
Mahle FO385
Mahle OC123
Mahle OC140
Mahle OC141
Mahle OC18
Mahle OC23
Mahle OC236
Mahle OC261
Mahle OC28
Mahle OC36
Mahle OC57
Mahle OC58
Mahle OC713
Manitou 106673
Manitou 129009
Manitou 279809
Mann-Hummel 6750358366
Mann-Hummel 6750358426
Mann-Hummel ML1001
Mann-Hummel W7182
Mann-Hummel W912
Mann-Hummel W913
Mann-Hummel W9136
Mann-Hummel W914
Mann-Hummel W916
Mann-Hummel W9161
Mann-Hummel W92014
Mann-Hummel W92017
Mann-Hummel W92021
Mann-Hummel W9206
Mann-Hummel W92080
Mann-Hummel W92098
Mann-Hummel W92099
Mann-Hummel W9401N
Mann-Hummel WF914
Mann-Hummel WF916
Mann-Hummel WF9161
Massey-Ferguson 1041429M1
Massey-Ferguson 1043369M1
Master Mechanic MM2844
Master Mechanic MM43
Master Parts PH16
Master Parts PH228
Master Parts PH253
Master Parts PH2820A
Master Parts PH2830
Master Parts PH2832
Max Lube M2167
Max Lube M4670
Max Lube M81
Maxlife V16
Mechanics MOF16
Mechanics MOF3651A
Mechanics MOF3963
Mechanics MOF43
Meijer M11
Meijer M26
Meijer M31
Meijer M6
Mercruiser 803470
MFilter MA660P
MFilter MH315
MFilter MH330P
MFilter MH339P
MFilter MH345P
MFilter MH346P
MFilter MH363P
MFilter MH388
Micro ADN12102
Micro T3149
Micro-Filters F16
Micro-Filters F18
MicroGard GL14670
MicroGard GL22167
MicroGard MGL1521
MicroGard MGL16
MicroGard MGL51068
MicroGard MGL51085
Mighty M4675
MileGuard MO16
Minit Lube PH16
Minit Lube PH228
Minit Lube PH2820
Minit Lube PH4670
Mitsubishi MC10863
Mitsubishi MD05281090
Mitsubishi MD129809
Mitsubishi MD353795
Mobil MO4670
Mobil One M1204
Mobil One M1204A
Monroe 39202
Monroe FP103
Mopar MO090
Motaquip VFL166
Motaquip VFL257
Motaquip VFL309
Motomaster MOPH16
Motorcraft AFL5071
Motorcraft EFL037
Motorcraft EFL039
Motorcraft EFL090
Motorcraft EFL115
Motorcraft EFL12
Motorcraft EFL2
Motorcraft EFL313
Motorcraft EFL366
Motorcraft EFL37
Motorcraft EFL370
Motorcraft EFL38
Motorcraft EFL39
Motorcraft EFL50
Motorcraft EFL54
Motorcraft EFL90
Motorcraft FD259
Motorcraft FL200
Motorcraft FL300
Motorcraft FL332
Motorcraft FL5
Motorcraft FL787
Motorcraft FL842
MTD 7270162
Murphy 605411880003
N.S.N. 2940004538256
N.S.N. 294000586479
N.S.N. 2940005864792
N.S.N. 294000926411
N.S.N. 2940013634100
Nanni Diesel 603003
Nanni Diesel 970603003
Napa 1068
Napa 1068MP
Napa 1084
Napa 1085
Napa 1085MP
Napa 1189
Napa 1307
Napa 1312
Napa 1362
Napa 1452MP
Napa 1521
Napa 202150
Napa 21068
Napa 21068MP
Napa 21085
Napa 21085MP
Napa 21307
Napa 21521
Napa 31068
Napa 31085
Napa 41085
Napa 4420503
Napa 7430
Nascar Select 91068
Nascar Select 91085
Nascar Select 91191
Nascar Select 91307
Nascar Select 91521
Nationwise NW16
Nationwise NW43
Nelson 85044A
Nelson 85124B
Nelson 85129A
Nelson W27333
Nelson WPF128
Nelson WPF20
New Holland 178562
New Holland 503202
New Holland 83963906
New Holland 83984235
New Holland 83986742
New Holland 84259320
New Holland 86546518
New Holland 86546617
New Holland 87800068
Nipparts J131103
Nipparts J131112
Nippon T9335
Nissan 15200W1116
Nissan 1520880W00
Nissan 15208H1111
Nissan 15208N8916
Nissan 15208W1101
Nissan 15208W1103
Nissan 15208W1106
Nissan 15208W1111
Nissan 15208W1113
Nissan 15208W1116
O & K 1450111
O & K 1450112
O & K 1453917
O & K 1499443
Onan 1220185
Onan 1220283
Onan 1220893
Onan 1220906
Onan 122A185
Onan 122B185
Opel 2867465
Opel 2876465
Opel 650354
Opel 650356
Original Engine Management OF1002
Original Equipment Plus OF655
Original Equipment Plus OF660
Original Equipment Plus OF745
Original Equipment Plus OF750
Outboard Marine 111836
Owatonna 42533721
P.B.R. BC1028
P.B.R. BC1048
P.B.R. BC1053
P.B.R. BC1105
P.B.R. BC1131
P.B.R. BC1172
Parts Plus PH253
PartsMaster 61068
PartsMaster 61068BP
PartsMaster 61085
PartsMaster 61085BP
PartsMaster 61521
Pennzoil PZ104
Pennzoil PZ34
Pennzoil PZ50
Pennzoil PZ7
Pennzoil PZI34
Pennzoil PZI7
Penske PN16
Penske PN43
Pentius PLB16
Pentius PLB3651
Pentius PLB43
Pentius PLB7328
Pentius PLX16
Pep Boys PEP17
Pep Boys PEP18
Pep Boys PEP2167
Performax PO121
Performax PO34
Performax PO7
Perkins 140516130
Perkins AMO42101
Permatic ELH4092
Permatic ELH4093
Permatic ELH4121
Permatic ELH4135
Perry PL177
Perry PL396
Peugeot 110945
Phillips 66 P17
Phillips 66 PO1085
Phillips 66 PO1521
Phillips 66 PO18
Phillips 66 PO185
Phillips 66 PO81
Phillips 66 PP18
Pit Stop PSL30
Porsche 21115351
Power Flo SL10017
Power Flo SL14670
Power Flo SL20081
Power Flo SL22167
PowerPac 01F0091
Precision Tune L103
Precision Tune L104
Precision Tune L109
Precision Tune L4670
Precision Tune OF101
Precision Tune OF103
Precision Tune OF104
Precision Tune OF109
Precision Tune OF4670
Premium Guard PG2167
Premium Guard PG4670
Premium Guard PG4670EX
Premium Guard PG4875
Premium Guard PG81
Prime-Line 187875
Primeguard POF4670
Primeguard POF5195
Primeguard POS4670
Pro Gauge PGO17
Pro Gauge PGO2167
Pro Gauge PGO4670
Pro Gauge PGO81
Pro-Bilt PBO2167
Pro-Bilt PBO228
Pro-Bilt PBO81
Pro-Line PPL10017
Pro-Line PPL10018
Pro-Line PPL14670
Pro-Line PPL20081
Pro-Line PPL22167
Pro-Line PPL34875
Pro-Tec 104
Pro-Tec 104MP
Pro-Tec 134
Pro-Tec 158
Pro-Tec 170
Pro-Tec 170MP
Professionals Choice Q2167
Professionals Choice Q4670
Professionals Choice Q81
Promotive PH17
Promotive PH18
Promotive PH4670
Promotive PH81
Pronto PO16
Pronto PO2844
Pronto PO3651A
Pronto PO43
Pronto PO4670
Pronto PO4670EX
Pureone PL10017
Pureone PL14670
Pureone PL20081
Pureone PL22167
Purepro 195BP
Purepro L241S
Purepro XL241
Purflux LS130
Purflux LS144A
Purflux LS149
Purflux LS410C
Purflux LS493
Purflux LS716
Purolator L10017
Purolator L10018
Purolator L14670
Purolator L17200
Purolator L18207
Purolator L20020
Purolator L20081
Purolator L22167
Purolator L25195
Purolator L27234
Purolator L27261
Purolator L34875
Purolator LI3350
Purolator LI3970
Purolator LI4117
Purolator MF36300A
Purolator MF36304A
Purolator MF36304B
Purolator MF45800A
Purolator MF47300A
Purolator PBL14670
Purolator PC200
Purolator PC207
Purolator PC22
Purolator PC23
Purolator PC234
Purolator PC38
Purolator PMP32
Purolator PMP322
Purolator PSL14670
Purolator TL14670
Qap Filters QL10017
Qap Filters QL14670
Qap Filters QL20081
Qap Filters QL22167
Qap Filters WT511002
Qap Filters WT512004
Qap Filters WT513012
Qap Filters WT513013
Qap Filters WT515002
Qap Filters WT515004
Qap Filters WT522003
Qap Filters WT555013
Quaker State QS16
Quaker State QS34875
Quaker State QS43
Quaker State QS8994
Quicksilver 803470Q
Reliaguard R1085
Reliaguard R1521
Renault 7700538153
Renault 7700640165
Renault 7700651432
Renault 7701348110
Renault 7701365661
Renault 8547327
Renault 8548979
Renault 854897999
Renault 85558910
Renault 8558910
Renault R854897991
Renault R854897999
Repco 1110504
Repco 1111501
Repco 1112051
Repco 1119800
Repco 1119809
Roadpro PH16A
Roadpro PH3651A
Roadpro PH3963
Roadpro PH43
Rockhill 61068
Rockhill 61521
Rockhill P3761
Rockhill PH16
Rockhill PH16HP
Rockhill PH3651A
Rockhill PH43
Ryco Z10
Ryco Z100
Ryco Z170
Ryco Z89A
Saab 11436936
Saab 204495
Saab 800334
Saab 8349409
Saab 8803334
Saab 880334
Saab 8803348
Saab 9309576
Safety-Kleen 107
Safeway PH43
Savara 92802417
Savara 92811217
Savara 92816017
Savara 92818817
Savara 92822117
Savara 92831117
Seat 3897992
Security Global L16
Series 2 8104
Service Champ HP241
Service Champ OF4670
Service Pro E4670
Service Pro M4670
Service Pro M81
Shell S21
Shell S23
Shell S52
Shell S55
Shell S62
Shell S65
Shell SH20
Shell SH35
Shell SH504
Shell SH56
Shell SH58
Shibaura 140516130
Sierra 187819
Sierra 187878
Sierra 706500
Sierra 707109
Simplicity 1650954
Simplicity 171439
Skoda LP2596
Soparis CV325
Specialist Choice OP17
Specialist Choice OP2167
Specialist Choice OP4670
Specialist Choice OP81
Specialist Choice V18
Steiger STP228
Stens 120220
Stens 120519
Stens 120702
Sullair 47529
Sunoco O11
Sunoco O36
Sunoco O6
SuperTech ST16
Sure SFO0093
Sure SFO0430
Sure SFO1090
Sure SFO2167
Sure SFO2430
Sure SFO3341
Sure SFO4670
Sure SFO5401
Sure SFO5517
Sure SFO7306
Sure SFO81
Talbot 5041315
Talbot 5057957
Talbot 7910246815
Team1 L16
Team1 L43
Team1 L7328
Tecalemit FB2059
Tecalemit FG2336
Tecalemit FP9410
Tecfil PSH421
Tecfil PSL141
Tecfil PSL421
Tecfil PSL47
Tecnocar R168
Tecnocar R171
Tecnocar R341
Tecnocar R60
Tecnocar R61
Tecnocar R63
Tecnocar R84
Teho 4019
Teho 4032
Teho 4061
Teho 4062
Teho OK103
Teho OK32
Texaco HSO139
Texaco T20
Texaco TFC505
Texaco TFC506
Texaco TFC510
Texaco TFC537
Thomas Equipment 44901
Timken Axle 3280V8394
Tires Plus TF4670
Toro 1045169
Toro 232300
Total Grip AA16
Toyo TO205
Toyo TO206
Toyota 1560025010
Toyota 1560044010
Toyota 1560044011
Toyota 1560087320
Toyota 1560144010
Toyota 1560144011
Toyota 3215040840
Toyota 3262320570
Toyota 4015030370
Toyota 4015030371
Triton CO177
Triton CO232
Triton CO253
Triton CO2830
Triton CO2832
Triton CO396
Triton CO496
Troybilt 1719859
Troybilt 1726450
Trust PH16
Trust PH228
Trust PH232
Trust PH253
Trust PH2820A
Trust PH2830
Trust PH2832
TruStar TO16
TVI V2167
TVI V4670
TYM 15001673990
UFI 2312700
UFI 2312702
UFI 2313400
UFI 2313401
UFI 2320200
UFI 2321400
UFI 2329700
Under Car America UC16
Under Car America UC43
Unico LI995
Unico LI9951
Unico LI99521
Unico LI998
Unico LI99881
Union 76 PF1085
Union 76 PF13
Union 76 PF19A
Union 76 PF228
Unipart GFE114
Unipart GFE121
Unipart GFE146
Unipart GFE204
Unipart GFE224
Universal Coach T081065
Valmet 4405504
Valquest VQ17
Valquest VQ18
Valquest VQ2167
Valquest VQ81
Valu-test 3847
Valu-test 4649
Valu-test 4847
Valu-test V2068
Valu-test V2307
Valucraft V16
Valvoline VO25
Valvoline VO95BP
Vapormatic VPD5025
Vauxhall 110200
Vera 1000082
Vera 1000231
Vera 1000314
Vera 1000355
Vera 1000363
Vera 1000371
Vera 1000991
Vera 1050041
Vera 1050082
Vera 1050355
Vera 1050991
Vermeer 102618005
Vermeer 116055003
Vermeer 901554007
Vic C206
Vic C206L
Volkswagen 000091511A
Volkswagen 021115351A
Volkswagen 021116351A
Volkswagen 21115351
Volvo 110200
Volvo 12662862
Volvo 266286
Volvo 418432
Volvo 4184321
Volvo 419719
Volvo 430143
Volvo 4301438
Volvo 7413694
Volvo 807180
Volvo 872683
Volvo 897321
Wako LO202K
Walmi WS16
Walmi WS2830
Walmi WS43
Warner WPH253
Web W16
Web W17
Web W3651
Web W43
Web W7328
Wheelhorse 102819
Wheelhorse 5990
White 156513A
White 156513AS
White 22612473
White 22642473
White 226Y2473
White 400000409
White V1119324
Winslow 85044A
Winslow 85124B
Winslow 85129A
Winslow W27333
Winslow WPF128
Winslow WPF20
Wipac CA153
Wipac CA415
Wirtgen 1931
Wirtgen 1967
WIX 51068
WIX 51068MP
WIX 51084
WIX 51085
WIX 51085MP
WIX 51189
WIX 51307
WIX 51312
WIX 51316
WIX 51362
WIX 51521
WIX 57430
WM. Penn WP43
Woodgate WGL3311
Woodgate WGL3330
Woodgate WGL3503
Woodgate WGL689
Woodgate WGL9022
World Parts W27306
World Parts W27307
World Parts W27316
World Parts W27323
World Parts W27333
World Parts W27344
World Parts W27352
World Parts W27360
World Parts W27394
XSV X4670
Yale & Towne 12097262
Yale & Towne 150011600
Yale & Towne 1500116600
Yale & Towne 1500172
Yale & Towne 150017200
Yale & Towne 519454800
Yale & Towne 582018366
Yale & Towne 904788100
Yale & Towne 907172400
Yale & Towne 910361400
Yale & Towne 910361401
Yale & Towne ET97262

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